Healthcare Solutions

Medical e-Waste Recycling Solutions

Compliant, Environmentally Responsible e-Waste Disposal

Millions of electronic devices are produced each year for the healthcare industry. As old equipment is being replaced, hospitals, clinics, laboratories and doctor’s offices are left with more and more electronic waste to deal with. Unfortunately, many of these devices are disposed improperly, creating a threat to the environment and the public health in general.

eLot provides electronics recycling solutions for hospitals, group practices, individual offices and many other healthcare related industries. You can trust us to protect your facility from the potential liabilities and rising costs associated with e-waste recycling, while responsibly disposing of your materials.

    Available Services:

    Healthcare Expertise

    We are well versed in the requirements the healthcare industry follow to properly dispose of equipment and data.

    Electronic devices in healthcare facilities include EKG monitors, lab analyzers, testing equipment and sphygmomanometers along with computers, monitors and televisions. Many of these devices contain heavy metals such as cadmium, mercury and lead. When this equipment ends up in landfills, these hazardous materials can seep into our lakes, rivers and ultimately the drinking water supply. Ironically, the machines designed to improve healthcare are actually causing an even bigger public health problem when they are not properly recycled.

    Healthcare facilities must also take steps to ensure HIPAA standards are met when disposing of e-waste and printed documents. Sensitive patient information must be protected through the proper erasure and destruction process prior to recycling.

    Our team will help streamline this entire process by applying our knowledge, RIOS and R2 certifications to develop a fully compliant solution tailored to your needs.

    What We Recycle

    We offer the most cost-effective and environmentally safe options to keep your district or campus in compliance. Here’s a list of services we provide:

    Electronics Recycling:

    • Computers & Laptop Recycling
    • Server Recycling
    • Printers, Copiers & Fax Machines
    • Keyboard Recycling
    • Monitors
    • Cell Phone Recycling
    • Household Electronics
    • Solar Panel Recycling

    Solutions & Services:

    • Transportation service
    • Pails and drums for storage at your locations
    • Data Destruction
    • Asset Management
    • Certificate of Recycling
    • Collection Events
    • Drop-off locations

    Lamps, Bulbs & Ballast Recycling:

    • SFL (straight fluorescent)
    • CFL (compact fluorescent)
    • Circle and U Fluorescent lights
    • Neon light Recycling
    • H.I.D. bulbs Recycling
    • Incandescent
    • Ballast Recycling (PCB and non PCB content)

    The eLot Difference

    There are a lot of reasons to choose eLot for your recycling needs. Here’s what our customers love most:

    Fast. Easy. Cost-Effective.
    Do you want to save time, effort or money? When you choose eLot, you choose to save all three.

    On-Site Pick-Up.
    Let our trained personnel handle the heavy lifting. Our solutions include complimentary pick-up.  Odds are our trucks are already servicing businesses and in your area. Contact us today so we can add you to our route!

    Safe, Secure & Compliant.
    From the moment you contact us, you’ll be dealing with industry experts. We’ll work with you to understand your exact needs and create a plan that matches them.

    Locally Owned and Operated
    As a leading New York eWaste recycler, we have the capacity to serve any healthcare provider’s needs. As a locally owned an operated business, we take pride in our service. You’ll never be routed through an overseas call center, wait days for a response, or end a conversation more confused than when it started.