eLot Electronics Recycling

eLot Recycling is a RIOS and R2 certified electronics recycler servicing customers throughout the Albany, Schenectady Troy New York Capital Region as well as New York City, New Jersey Connecticut, Pennsylvania and Vermont!

Computers & Electronics

Cellular Phones


Nickel Cadmium (Nicad)
Lithium Ion (cell phones and laptops)
Alkaline (household)
Lead Acid
Metal Hydride Fuel Cell

Lamps, Bulbs & Ballast

SFL (straight fluorescent)
CFL (compact fluorescent)
Circle and U Fluorescent
Neon Lights
H.I.D. Bulbs
Incandescent Bulbs

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What we Do

eLot Recycling Inc. is a full service RIOS and R2 certified recycling company focused on computer recycling, laptop recycling, electronics recycling, technology recycling,  e-waste recycling, lamp recycling, bulb recycling, battery recycling, equipment removal, and scrap metal recycling. We are the recycling solution for the business, residential, and government entities.

eLot offers pick up and drop off services as well as data destruction.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help you recycle electronic equipment, lamps and bulbs at your work or home through innovative eLot waste management and recycling services. We believe in minimizing the surging electronic waste and reducing the mercury pollution issue in the United States. eLot Recycling is making for a better tomorrow by doing what we can to protect our environment today.

Why eLot?

The United States alone generates approximately seven million tons of electronic waste each year. This is a stunning figure that has been surging higher and higher.

Lead, mercury, and cadmium are some of the toxic substances that are found in electronic waste and improperly recycled mercury filled lamps or bulbs. When these lamps, bulbs and electronics are improperly disposed of in your local landfills, it can lead to toxins spreading into your water and land causing a variety of health risks.

ePak Program

ePak and You. Way to make a difference.

The ePak program from eLot is more than a recycling solution. It’s a fast, easy, cost-effective way for your organization to be in compliance and be a force for positive action.

ePaks are pre-paid, mail-in recycling kits and the easiest way to create and maintain a recycling program at your facility. One low price covers every convenience, including delivery, shipping to our recycling center, recycling fees and certificates of recycling.

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Featured News

eLot Earth Day Recycling Event
EARTH DAY RECYCLING EVENT Elot Recycling wants to help you get rid of your electronics to celebrate Earth Day 2022! When: Saturday, April 23, 2022 Time: 8:00am – 1 :00pm Read More »

Proper Recycling in the Healthcare Industry
New technology has played an important role in improved patient care and has provided more timely and accurate information allowing healthcare providers to make faster diagnoses and shorten recovery times. Read More »

eLot Recycling is a Certified Recycler
eLot Recycling has re-certified as a RIOS and R2:2013 certified electronics recycler and provide electronics recycler, technology recycling, and e-waste recycling. Through the RIOS management system, recycling facilities go through Read More »

eLot is now R2 Certified!
eLot has been granted its R2  Certification as of September 15, 2012. This Certification recognizes eLot Electronics Recycling Inc as a responsible recycler of all electronic, universal and hazardous wastes Read More »