Office Equipment Removal & Recycling

Our Mission at eLot Electronics Recycling is to offer Schools and Governments a complete and convenient way to recycle outdated and unused electronic equipment. We provideĀ  e-waste and technology recycling such as: Computer Recycling, Laptop Recycling, Lamp Recycling, Bulb Recycling, Battery Recycling. We can also provide secure Data Destruction, Equipment Removal, and Scrap Metal Recycling.

eLot Electroncs Recycling is fully insured and meets all DEC, HIPAA and DOD requirements. Be sure that all high security information and data is 100% destroyed using a shearing processes.

The increase in electronic theft continues to rise in an ever growing technological wasteland. It only takes hackers a few moments to access important data such as credit information, Social Security, personal account information etc. from numerous data containing devices. With just one backup disc or and old computer with the hard drive still intact and thrown in the trash can cripple an entire business. Proper handling and secure data destruction is the best defense against this type of crime. eLot Electronics Recycling guarantees secure destruction and can provide supporting documentation upon request.


What areas do you serve for government electronics recycling?
A: eLot Electronics Recycling services government and municipal recycling needs to customers throughout the Albany, Schenectady Troy New York Capital Region as well as New York City, New Jersey Connecticut, Pennsylvania and Vermont!

What should my company do if we’re unsure about our recycling?
A: If your organization has equipment and is not sure what to do with it, give us a call at (518) 266-9385!

How well do we recycle electronics in the United States?
A: According to the EPA only about 20% of electronics are properly recycled in the United States.

Is it safe to throw my office computer away?
A: Schools, Hospitals and Governmental equipment is one of the nations highest priority to be handled properly. One stray computer or laptop or tape thrown in the landfill could cause for serious financial issues. Not to mention the hazardous impact of contaminating the earth.

How big of an issue is security on the Internet?
A: Over 250 web site breaches were recorded by HIPPA as of April of 2011. This affected over 10 million people. Having the feeling of security has never been more important.