What We Do

eLot Recycling Inc. is a full service recycling company focused on the recycling, de-manufacturing, refurbishing of computers and electronics while also properly recycling all types of mercury lamps, bulbs, and solar panels throughout the United States. We provide e-waste and technology recycling such as: Computer Recycling, Laptop Recycling, Lamp recycling, Bulb Recycling, Battery Recycling for the business, residential, and municipal communities. We can also provide secure Data Destruction, Equipment Removal, and Scrap Metal Recycling for your business.

eLot Recycling is a RIOS and R2 certified electronics recycler servicing customers throughout the Albany, Schenectady Troy New York Capital Region as well as New York City, New Jersey Connecticut, Pennsylvania and Vermont!

eLot offers pick up and drop off services as well as data destruction and data erasure meeting all HIPPA and DOD standards.

In addition eLot refurbishes and rebuilds computers, computer parts and electronics selling them to customers worldwide.


Our mission is to help you recycle electronic equipment, lamps and bulbs at your work or home through innovative eLot waste management and recycling services. We believe in minimizing the surging electronic waste and reducing the mercury pollution issue in the United States. eLot Recycling is making for a better tomorrow by doing what we can to protect our environment today.

Why eLot

The United States alone generates approximately seven million tons of electronic waste each year. This is a stunning figure that has been surging higher and higher.

Lead, mercury, and cadmium are some of the toxic substances that are found in electronic waste and improperly recycled mercury filled lamps or bulbs. When these lamps, bulbs and electronics are improperly disposed of in your local landfills, it can lead to toxins spreading into your water and land causing a variety of health risks.

How do we stop this surge of electronic, bulb and lamp waste and that is hurting ourselves and the environment? Recycle your electronics, solar panels, your bulbs and your lamps with eLot! eLot is reversing the trends of electronic, solar panel, bulb, and lamp waste proper disposal. It is important for us to all take responsibility and contribute to a better tomorrow.