eLot Electronics Recycling offers a complete solution to your home recycle of outdated and unusable electronics. By recycling your electronic equipment, bulbs and lamps through us, you are saving the community from hazardous toxins and help retain clean landfills.

We provide e-waste and technology recycling such as: Computer Recycling, Laptop Recycling, Lamp Recycling, Bulb Recycling, Battery Recycling. We can also provide secure Data Destruction, Equipment Removal, and Scrap Metal Recycling.

The increase in electronics consumption in the past few decades has led to environmental issues as they reach their end of life. Filled with hazardous materials like mercury and lead, electronics cannot be landfilled and the average home owner is left with a heavy burden. The EPA, DEC and many electronics manufacturers and demanufactures have taken on these challenges to offer a viable way to rid attics, garages and basements of obsolete electronics in a safe and environmentally way.


I have a bunch of old electronics in my house that are collecting dust. What should I do?
A: Have items you’re not sure of what to do with? No worries! Give us a call at (518) 266-9385

What is being done to limit electronic waste?
A: New legislation allows the consumer to return certain items to retail stores for proper disposal.

What percentage of household electronics are eventually thrown away?
A: 85% of household electronics find their way into dumps and landfills and pollute the surrounding soil.

How many computers are thrown away each year?
A: More than 40 million computers become obsolete and are discarded every year.